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Paris Antiquing Tour April 13 - 19, 2016 Join RS Vintage Tours for a fabulous week of vintage shopping, exciting touring, wonderful food and fun in P

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April in Paris Antiquing Tour

April 17 - 24, 2018



Join Red Shed Vintage Tours for a fabulous week of vintage shopping, exciting touring, wonderful food and fun in Paris! 

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What could be better than Paris in the Spring ?

The Paris Flea Markets in the Spring!

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On a Red Shed Vintage Tour you will experience the "Best of the Best" at famous Paris flea markets, and exciting discoveries at hidden, little known markets and haunts. Let us share our years of experience shopping the Paris fleas! Are you up for it? Go shop where the locals shop! The is no ordinary tour...

Paris Architecture, Flowers and Food!!

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There is no better place than Paris to stroll down boulevards, stopping to smell the roses. Enjoy great food, heavenly scenery, fragrant gardens, dreamy courtyards and amazing shopping. You never know what you'll see!

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What more could you ask for?? How about a private invitation for cocktails in a Paris Apartment? Let us introduce you to our Paris....

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Is this your year? 

Our tour to Paris has never been a better value, and the dollar is strong! We've seen some great prices on airfares. There may not be a better time to grab a girl friend and wing your way to PARIS!

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April 17 - 24, 2018
$3285 Double Occupancy  

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"The best trip of my entire life!"

"Perfectly executed and no detail left undone"

"The shopping was so fun, I was shaking!"

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